living three cups full

The three cups represent our three internal, primal needs: to be loved, to belong and, to be significant. When we are aware of what we individually need to feel full on the inside and we give it to ourselves, then we become our own best friend, and our outer world will transform. When you shift the inner landscape and set your own standards, the outer world will reflect back to you the Love, Acceptance and Respect you are willing and able to receive. As within, so without.

The state of our Love Cup is reflected back to us in our relationship with ourselves. How kind is our mind to us?

The state of our Acceptance Cup is reflected back to us in the relationship we have with our body, and also with the significant others in our lives. How nurtured is our sense of belonging?

The state of our Respect Cup is reflected back to us in our relationship to our work. How much we respect our ideas, skills, interests and capabilities will determine how much we are willing to explore our path of work and contribute to others.

Imagine a life of more joy, ease, accomplishment and fulfillment. What does that look like for you?